Universal Control Card


The Universal Control Card (UCC) provides multiple control input options using a single control card. Designed for use exclusively with the Envirco family of MAC 10 LEDC and MAC 10 IQ Fan Filter Units, the UCC can be configured for local, remote, or Building Management System control. Cleanroom facility requirements can change as facilities expand or new processes and equipment are brought in. The UCC is fully compatible with all Envirco Control Console Systems and provides the flexibility to add or remove control options without the need to replace existing components. The UCC provides three control options for the FFU; local manual control via the built in potentiometer, remote or wall mount speed control via 0-10V analog signal, and networked system control via MODBUS compatible RTU Network Protocol. The UCC is factory installed in the electrical enclosure of the FFU, eliminating the need for additional or external DC power sources.


  • For Use with MAC10 LEDC and MAC10 IQ Only
  • Will Provide Local Manual Speed Control for Stand Alone Operation
  • A Remote Analog Speed Control for Remote or Wall Mount Control
  • Ability to Interface to Envirco Control Console and/or BMS via Modbus Protocol

Standard Features

  • Control Interface for DC/ECM Motor Fans (MAC10 LE-DC and MAC10 IQ)
  • Network (MODBUS), Manual or Analog Control
  • Simple Connections
  • » 4 Pin MTA for Motor Control Signals
    » RJ45 for Networking
    » 2 Pin Terminal for Analog Control
    » 2 Test Probe Jacks for DC mV Signal Output of the Following (readable by Digital Voltmeter) RPM, and Percent of Motor Torque
  • LED Diagnostics
  • » Support for External LED (10mA) Remote Status Notification via 2 Pin MTA
    » Green LED for On Board Status Notification
    » Red LED to Indicate Network Traffic/Communication Status
  • Industry Standard MODBUS Networking
  • » RTU Protocol » RS485 9600,8,n,1
  • Flexible Analog Control Options
  • » Can Be Used to Transmit 0-10V Input from External Sensors (Pressure,DP,Temp) to BMS When in Modbus
  • Powered from Local Supply
  • » 24V AC
  • OEM Module
  • » Open-frame PCB » 0-50C Operating Temperature
    » Dimensions 4.5” x 2.75” x 1.6” (114.3 x 69.85 x 40.64mm)

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MAC 10® Original Fan Filter Unit

Controlled Environments Readers' Choice Award

Envirco won the Controlled Environments 2016 Readers' Choice Cleanroom Components Award for the Universal Control Card!
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