Ducted Ceiling Module (DCM RSR)


The Envirco DCM-RSR offers leak-free performance in a compact room-side-replaceable module. Designed to be installed in either 1 1/2” or 2” TBar ceiling systems or gypsum/plaster wall board systems, initial installations and filter maintenance are simplified. The DCM-RSR is designed for installation in critical air quality applications including semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food processing, medical facilities, and laboratory or R&D facilities.

The Envirco DCM-RSR offers:

  • Room side access for servicing and testing of filters, only the filter is replaced not the entire assembly. Replacement is fast and clean minimizing process down time.
  • A gel seal technology eliminating air bypass between the filter and the housing.
  • A light-weight low profile design that allows installation in a limited space. The frame is constructed of extruded aluminum profiles joined at the corners with Klip-Lock™ mechanism to promote unit strength and integrity.
  • An offset housing knife-edge that interfaces with the filter gel channel for a reliable leak free seal.
  • A chamfered receptacle along the room side opening that forms a flush, continuous mating surface that is free of gaps and architecturally pleasing.
  • An adjustable room side diffusion disc to promote uniform airflow across the entire filter and allow for air balancing.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware for life long integrity.
  • Available with 10” or 12” ducted collar connections. The collars have an integral raised ridge to aid in securing flexible duct connection. Seismic tables are standard.
  • A choice of filter efficiencies from 99.99% and 99.9995% (supplied separately). Replaceable filters are minipleat design and offer low-pressure drop and promote air flow uniformity. Filters include a protective face screen and a damper adjustment access port.


  • Primary housing components shall be constructed of anodized aluminum framing material, aluminum back plate and aluminum diffusion disk. Unit shall be designed for installation into T-Bar ceiling grid or a gypsum/plaster ceiling.
  • The housing shall include a chamfered detail along the room side opening to receive a mating flange along the downstream side of the filter. The mating surface shall form a continuous flush fit free of gaps.
  • The housing shall include an offset knifeedge to interface with a gel seal filter.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware shall facilitate convenient servicing of the module from the room side of the housing.
  • The housing shall include an integral diffusion disc that allows filter-to-filter balancing from room side of module without removal of the filter.
  • Housing shall be supplied with a (“10”, 12”)* collar for duct connection to air system. The collar shall include an integral continuous raised ridge to assist in securing flexible duct.


  • The filter shall be identified on a label indicating minimum efficiency, tested airflow and pressure drop. The unit shall be bar code serialized for individual unit identification.
  • The module shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories as UL 900.

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