Envirco Product Overview

Fan Filter Units

MAC 10® Series of Fan Filter Units

While used for a variety of critical clean air applications, the MAC 10® line of Fan Filter Units (FFUs) are ideal cleanroom solutions for the worldwide industrial market. The FFU design — a fan, motor, and filtration system all in a single unit — draws air into the unit via the filtration system and exhausts it across the filter face, supplying particle-free, laminar airflow to the room. Renowned for their ease of installation and operation, the MAC 10® line of FFUs offer low energy consumption, low sound levels, and a low profile. Note: The LE models offer low watts, low profile, and low operating costs.

» MAC 10® LEAC2
» MAC 10® LEAC
» MAC 10® LEDC
» MAC 10® Original
» MAC 10® IQ
» MAC 10® IQ LAF
» MAC 10® RFAC
» MAC 10® Universal Control Card
» MAC 10® Accessories
» MAC 10® Control System
» MAC 10® Replacement Filters

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» MAC 10® Specification Guide

MAC-T Ceiling Grid System

MAC-T Ceiling Grid System for Cleanrooms

Envirco’s cleanroom ceiling solution, a 2" Gasket Seal Grid Cleanroom Ceiling System, is fabricated using superior materials to provide both a structural grid system and zinc alloy die-castings. The building block of a cleanroom ceiling grid system is the connection and suspension system. Envirco offers a true, extruded aluminum 2" cleanroom ceiling system. It is the most cost efficient system for cleanroom classes for ISO 8 (Class 100,000) to ISO 5 (Class 100), or for any full HEPA coverage application.

» MAC-T Ceiling Grid System

Cleanroom Ventilation Accessories

Stainless Steel Grilles

In addition to industry-leading fan filter units and accessories such as controls and ceiling grids, Envirco offers a complete line of custom and standard stainless steel supply grilles, return grilles, filter grilles, and dampers for those industries specializing in critical environments. These custom- built and designed products serve to meet your project's unique site characteristics and challenges.

» 3/4" Single Deflection Supply Grille
» 3/4" Double Deflection Supply Grille
» 3/4" Return Grille
» 1/2" Return Grille
» Egg Crate Return Grille
» 3/4" Filter Return Grille
» 1/2" Filter Return Grille
» 3/4" Hinged Filter Return Grille
» 1/2" Hinged Filter Return Grille
» Opposed Blade Damper

Clean Benches & Work Stations

Laminar Flow Benches

Envirco’s line of clean bench/workstation products provide a range of protection for the product, person, and the environment and all comply with the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies (IEST) recommended practices. In addition, all Envirco Laminar Flow (LF) Clean Bench products achieve ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanliness levels, allowing compounding.

» ESM: Enviralab Sterility Module
» LF: Freestanding, Multi-purpose, Vibration-free, Horizontal Laminar Flow Work Station
» TT: Table Top Self-contained, Multi-purpose, Horizontal Laminar Flow Work Station
» Unimodule M-2: Freestanding, Multi-purpose, Vertical Laminar Flow Work Station
» Unimodule "METD" Series: 100% Exhausted, Freestanding, Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Work Station

Infection Control

Hospi-Gard Filtration for Negative Pressure

Envirco’s Hospi-Gard® line offers a variety of airborne infection control products for patient rooms and clinics. The IsoClean filtration systems create low-cost, negative pressure isolation rooms to help contain and minimize the spread of airborne viruses and disease. These same systems can also be used as recirculating air systems. All Envirco IsoClean® Airborne Infection Control Products meet OSHA and CDC TB guidelines for negative pressure isolation rooms.

» IsoClean CM & CM UV
» IsoClean 800 & 800uv
» IsoClean 400 & 400uv
» Room Pressure Monitor
» Annunciator

Enviramedic HEPA Filtered Surgical Suites

Enviramedic Surgical Suites from Envirco offer both horizontal and vertical laminar flow air systems for hospital operating theaters to help reduce surgical site infections (SSI). Whether built into new facilities or retro-fitted into existing facilities, all surgical suite products meet the American Institute of Architects (AIA) recommended parameters for operating room ventilation, in terms of maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels and ensuring the minimum number of air changes (including fresh air changes) per hour. All Enviramedic laminar clean air systems are ISO Class 5 (Class 100).

» H.O.R: Horizontal Laminar Flow Surgery Enclosure
» V.O.R: Vertical Laminar Flow Surgery Isolator
» H.C.F: Horizontal Laminar Flow Surgery Room

Laminar Flow Modules

Laminar Flow Modules

Envirco's line of Laminar Flow Modules and Clean Benches are ideal for use in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical device, and microelectronic industries. The laminar flow units provide ISO Class 5 (Federal Standard SI Class M 3.5 / USA Class 100) environments, and include work stations, clean benches and laminar flow modules.

» Laminar Crossflow Module: Self-contained for Simple Conversion to an ISO Class 5 Clean Room
» Laminar Downflow Module: A Portable, Self-contained ISO Class 5 System